Club News

To all Members from the 1st January 2022 your yearly subscription Is due.  You now can pay directly into Midshires Siamese Cat Association Bank account

via: Bank Transfer. reference: with your name to

Sort Code: 30.98.90 Bank Account: 17561860

Subscriptions are £7.50 or £10.50 yearly due on the 1st January yearly

£5 voluntary donation to Midshires Welfare/Rescue (The Isabel North Fund)



The Club Rules can be found on the page how to join & Club Rules

Show News

Update 07/02/22

As we have used 2022 show year, we have applied to GCCF if we change our date for 2023 with a new venue in the Midlands and a new Show manager, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynda Ashmore for being our show Manager at our last 2 shows

for 2022 we will be holding a virtual Easter show which will have  gifts that were sent for our show that was cancelled in January Sponsor’s are Agria insurance, Arden Grange. Burns, Pet Remedy, Petsafe and Vitalin plus a commissioned portrait by Jim Griffiths for Siamese class and over Rainbow bridge Class and more Sponsors to follow

Update 04/01/22
I phoned the Hosting club this morning, to see if they would provide a list of our exhibitors and the amount they paid so the Midshires could Refund them direct and the hosting club pay us once it’s sorted, because the information I was given wasn’t correct that our exhibitors would get their full refund once the GCCF office opened, I was told this is not possible the refunds but will be sorted after the Show and paperwork has been completed, I have had confirmation that everyone will get a full refund with the exception of 4% administration charge, our committee has taken a vote and it is a unanimous discussion that the Midshires will make up this difference of 4% administration charge, as soon as you know  please email the amount with you bank details

Our 32nd Championship Cat Show on Saturday January 15th 2022


We would like to give our sincere apologies to all our members that enter our show, all the other exhibitors the SM all our judges the Sponsor’s and anyone else this effects, the reasons for the cancellation is that changes were made to our schedule without our consent, this affects our show and our Show rules, we had no part or say in our show or any of these changes most of the exhibitors and none of the Committee agreed with the changes and they are not in our agreement with the hosting club, when it was brought to our attention, we believe we needed to act straight the way. (so our exhibitors could get a full refund should they want to) The Midshires committee held an emergency vote to cancel the Show, it was unanimous discussion, to cancel the show we felt it was taken out of our hands and we were busy rectifying other mistakes in our schedule never thought there was more, when a schedule is used from your previous show you wouldn’t think it would be altered without being sent to our committee for prove reading,  it’s on our schedule that should the show be cancelled for whatever reason you would only get a 50% refund after the closing date 31st December if Boris on 2nd January to close down, I’ve been told that it could be 50/50
We had no choice but to cancel and  thank you to all our exhibitors for your support and feedback

We would like to thank the Sponsors so far and it all will be carried over until our next show

Agria insurance, Arden Grange. Burns, Pet Remedy, Petsafe and Vitalin

Best friends Veterinary Group. Cockburn’s Veterinary Group. Catkins Cattery in Hartlebury. Woodside Cattery of Whitwick.

Serapis Siamese. Amanjay Siamese. Aimeezoe Siamese. Dreamlover Cats.